An online shopping cart with PayPal credit card facilities will be available soon. 

In the meantime, you can purchase Jojolux products by emailing with details of your order, delivery address and contact phone number.

An Order Confirmation Number will be emailed to you confirming price for goods plus handling/courier charge. Combine your orders to save on courier charges!

Payment can then be made direct into ASB 12 3171 0161945 00  quoting your Name and Order Confirmation Number.

Your Jojolux products will be couriered upon receipt of payment.

For enquiries please email or telephone Brenda on 07 855 6289 or 021 763 529 

Jojolux Jojoba 50ml $25 200ml $60
jojolux Jojoba 50ml jojolux Jojoba 200ml

Jojolux Lip Balm Delicious Mango $10
Jojolux lip balm

Christmas Special Jojoba 50ml in gold organza ONLY $25 Jojoba 50ml + Lip Balm in silver organza ONLY $35
Christmas Special jojoba Christmas Special jojoba

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