Naturally Caring for Every Body™. Sybarite Supplies Ltd is devoted to bringing you affordable luxurious natural body products to keep you beautiful, rejuvenated and to combat an array of skin problems.

The underpinning requirement for Sybarite Supplies is that products must be produced using eco-friendly sustainable methods. It is even better when they are sourced locally and created by people with passion and personal energy.

The company was established by Brenda Sayers whose personal story tells how she was led to the discovery of jojoba.

“Jojoba is the only product I use on my face and body now. I used to spend $$$ on lotions and potions… and my skin is better than ever… “

The simple things in life give us pleasure. Sybarite is derived from Greek Sybarites, from Sybaris, an ancient Greek city noted for the luxurious, pleasure-seeking habits of many of its inhabitants. Whilst big-spend advertising campaigns trick us into believing that luxuries are expensive and for the elite (feeding people’s desire for status symbols), the truth is that often the simple and natural things in life give us the greatest joy – like yummy home grown and home cooked food shared with loved ones, a long soak in the bath, a walk in the woods, playing with toddlers and pets, and so on.

In keeping with our philosophy of making luxurious natural products available at affordable prices, we rely on word-of-mouth to grow the market. As well as our online shop, our goal is to have representatives throughout New Zealand who can provide personal service and information to people keen to learn more and try the product range.

Representative Opportunities

The number one criteria for becoming a representative is that you use Jojolux and you love it! And, of course, you want to tell everyone about it.

We established the Representative distribution model as a result of getting such great feedback from customers, and they were telling their friends, and so we suggested to some of them that they might like to be formally rewarded.

The Representative Agreement provides for flexibility and does not have targets or territories.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email and provide your contact details so we can discuss this with you.

Retail and Trade Enquiries

For information about wholesale pricing and supply services to retailers, please contact

Brenda’s Story

The founder of Sybarite Supplies Ltd tells her personal story to TEMPO Magazine, published by The Waikato Times.

5 qs 4 Brenda Sayers

Brenda Sayers, 48, worked long hours as a partner of a high-powered Auckland firm. Seeking a better work-life balance, she made drastic changes to her life, and has never felt better.

Waikato Times | Wednesday, 25 February 2009

BRENDA SAYERS WITH HER DOG KOBI: Who quit her high profie job in Auckland and now runs her own home based Jojoba oil beauty business.

1. Tell us about how you turned your life around at 48?

"When I look back, I've always been career-driven and had a really strong work ethic. My parents really instilled that in me. I started working for Deloitte (global management consultant and financial advisory firm) as a management consultant in January 1990. I was 30 and my goal was to be a partner. I achieved that by mid-30s, but I was doing 60-plus-hour weeks and also doing a MBA (Masters in Business Administration degree) for two years. It was a case of ‘all work and no study makes a dull girl'. At the time I thought it was a great life. I lived in a great apartment in Auckland and loved travelling within New Zealand and overseas. But it was very much living to work rather than working to live. I really lost touch with friends and family. I didn't have time for interests outside of work. It was in my early to mid-40s when I became tired and dissatisfied, the proverbial mid-life crisis. People go through that, but often feel they can't change. I decided to change my life and leave the firm. It was a bold move. My friends were concerned I was opting out of my career; it's a lot of money and status to give up. But at the time I was doing management consulting and advising CEOs and managers and seeing them making (lifestyle) changes, but I wasn't practicing what I preached. It took me about six months to come to the decision I was going to leave. It wasn't a knee-jerk reaction thing, but I gradually felt tired and dissatisfied. I wanted to be who I wanted to be, not what I did."

2. How did you lose 15kg and get fit and healthy?

"After quitting (Deloitte) I was a lot happier. I took time to prepare proper meals from farmers' markets or the butcher. In Auckland I was eating deli meals in my apartment most nights. I joined the gym, but didn't enjoy it, so I got a personal trainer who came to my home, which really helped with fitness and toning, doing light weights. I lost more than 15kg and went from a size 16 to a size 10. That was in 2006 and 2007, and two years later, I'm still a size 10 and at a good weight. I became the person I wanted to be. I became a ‘joy germ'; I enjoyed everything. There was no sacrifice, no diet, no programmes. Okay, there was a secret. Two males came into my life; my puppy and my boyfriend. The puppy I would walk with, and my boyfriend is a good cook. I started to find joy in little things. I took responsibility for my well-being."

3. What are the secrets of looking good and feeling great at 48?

"I'm told I don't look 48. I drink plenty of water and wine. I've never been into soft drinks. I've never been a sweets person, although I've been know to eat 1kg of dark chocolate in one week. I enjoy the luxuries of the simple things in life, and many of them are free, such as spending time outdoors. Money doesn't buy happiness and career status doesn't buy happiness. Be kind to yourself and others, and be open to other people. See every day as a joyous day."

4. You now sell jojoba oil, which you say has good health and beauty benefits. How did you discover it?

"It was my boyfriend who introduced me to jojoba (pronounced ‘ho-ho-ba'). One of the badges of honour of losing weight is sagging skin and stretch marks. I was very distressed and was told that at my age the skin's natural elasticity is gone. After a few months of daily application and massages from my boyfriend my skin became all bouncy and strong. I had scars on my back from where I had moles removed and they disappeared, and the acne scars on my face disappeared, and I started to look younger and less wrinkly. I contacted the Australian growers and launched my company last year. I wasn't looking for a business but I totally believe in it. Jojoba is natural and the closest thing to our skin's natural sebum, which protects and keeps skin cells in place. It's a nut from a bush that has been grown for thousands of years. Native Americans have used it in beauty and medicine for centuries. It is grown without chemicals so it ticks all the green boxes. The nut is cold pressed to get a pure liquid wax ester and it is full of goodness. There is no greasy residue and it doesn't leave marks on clothing. It is antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal. It is excellent for psoriasis and eczema and dermatitis, as well as acne. It also won't clog pores. You can use it as a face and body moisturiser. I don't use anything else. My skin is smooth and even. My pigmentation has disappeared, and I don't need to wear foundation, when, during my whole career I wore it. You can also use jojoba oil to take makeup off!."

5. How do you maintain a work-life balance?

"Because my business is part-time, I can plan my schedule. As well as the new jojoba business, I also do management consulting and leadership development. It takes a while to get the balance right. For the first few years, I was still quite driven, but this summer I feel like I have swung the other way, and have a better lifestyle. I enjoy gardening and planting natives, and herbs. I like reading novels and walking the dog and hanging out with friends. I used to be president of the Waikato Society of Arts, which took up loads of time, and I resigned at the end of last year. I have just joined the Waikato Society of Potters and I'm doing a class so will be getting my hands into clay. It's about finding your own time, place and space."

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