Mother Nature knows best. Whilst the pharmaceutical/cosmeceutical industry tries to concoct a myriad of potions and lotions to care for our skin, often with a promise of ‘anti-aging’, our own mother nature has already provided for each and every one of us. Jojolux jojoba is the jewel in the crown of nature’s gifts.

Jojolux Jojoba is is truly a gift of nature for all ages and skin types.

In the wilderness of consumer body care products, jojoba is nature’s most luxurious skin moisturiser. Jojoba liquid wax ester is not an oil – its structure remarkably resembles the human skin sebum and used daily it helps restore natural balance, self-regulating oil production and keeping our skin clean, hydrated and youthful.

Luxury need not cost the earth. Once Jojolux becomes a part of your life you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Jojoba has an abundance of beauty benefits and healthcare applications. Jojolux is a one-stop shop for a range of high quality pure products to naturally care for every body. You will find you save money as the various other products you’ve previously purchased are declared redundant!

Pure and Natural. There has been a prolific growth in ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ formulations. This reflects the growing concern about what we put on our skin, our largest organ. However the packaging of some brands and the listing of ingredients makes it hard to discern just what is included in the formulation. Many have ‘fillers’ to bulk the product, and have synthetic additives and preservatives to extend shelf. Jojolux is 100% pure and natural and its unique properties enable it to last for years.

It is your right and your choice. Not all jojoba available in New Zealand is equal. Sybarite Supplies Ltd is the exclusive distributor of pure golden jojoba supplied byJojoba Australia PTY Ltd, owned by the growers. The jojoba plant is carbon negative and Australian producers are committed to sustainability and care for the environment. All stages of growing and extraction of their jojoba wax ensure quality, purity, safety and consistency. Jojolux pure cold-pressed golden Australian jojoba is as local as you can get as jojoba plants cannot grow in New Zealand. You have the right to choose jojoba that has been cold-pressed (rather than heat or solvent extracted) and to support New Zealand’s nearest neighbour (rather than supplies from miles away like USA, Argentina, Chile and Israel).

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